Northern California
Graduate Physics
Admissions Bootcamp

This camp is for upper-division physics majors considering graduate study. Our mission is to inform you so you can make good decisions for yourself, and to give you opportunities to mingle with current and former graduate students. We also give you insight into the admissions process and how to strengthen your application. For rising seniors, a major factor still under your control is studying for the Physics GRE exam, so we provide a practice exam and skill strengthening through group work. The group work also provides opportunities for students to network with peers throughout the state.

The August 2019 camp is now over and we are looking forward to the August 2020 camp. The registration link will be posted here when registration opens. Thanks to the UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies and the National Science Foundation for funding this camp!

Previous camps with archived information: (links to slides and other resources)

There is a similar camp in Southern California as well in most years.