Current students:
Matthew Self, undergrad
Hunter Cornell, undergrad
Livia Dharmawan, REU student summer 2018
Bin Lama, MURPPS student summer 2018

Former students/postdocs: (please keep in touch! I enjoy hearing from you)
Bryant Benson: earned his PhD in 2018
Nate Golovich: earned his PhD in 2017, now postdoc at LLNL
Karen Ng: earned her PhD in 2016, now a data scientist in industry
Jayke Nguyen, undergrad 2016+, heading to the PhD program at Boston University in fall 2019
Ramya Bhaskar, undergrad 2012-15, now in physics PhD program at University of Washington
Margareta Borcic, undergrad 2014-15
Will Dawson: earned his PhD 2013, now research staff at LLLNL
Emily Finney: undergrad 2012-14, went on to earn MS in astrophysics from UCD
Martin Dubcovsky, programmer 2008-12, now programming for UCD central admin
Ryan Voss, undergrad summer 2010 - summer 2011
Clark Esmerian, high school student summer 2010 - summer 2011, went on to undergrad at Caltech
Begona Ascaso, postdoc 2008-2011, went on to l'Observatoire de Paris
Russell Ryan, postdoc 2008-2011, now at STSci
Desiree Abbott, summer 2010
Elan Bond, undergrad summer 2010
Patricio Piedra, undergrad summer 2009, now postdoc at Army Research Laboratory
Aaron Nowack, undergrad summer 2009+
Ryan Tobin, undergrad summer 2009+, went on to earn his PhD in Physics from the University of Hawaii
Rob Custodio, undergrad summer 2008+
Tom Johnson, undergrad summer 2008
Robert Barchfeld, undergrad summer 2008+, went on to earn a PhD in Engineering Physics/Applied Physics at UCD
Alex(andra) Abate, visiting graduate student (2008), went on to postdoc at University of Arizona
Paul Riechers, undergrad summer 2007+, went on to earn a PhD in Physics from UCD