Animations for Understanding Astrophysics

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an interactive figure is worth even more. I have worked with a series of UC Davis undergraduates to produce these interactive tools for understanding a variety of astronomy concepts.

Orbits Around a Spinning Black Hole
by Luis Luna
Spiral Galaxy Rotation Curve Builder
by Bethany Baldwin-Pulcini and Steven Hyatt
Active Galactic Nucleus Explorer
by Alejandro Angulo, Sharon Morgan, and Jennifer Chen
The Universe Is Expanding Everywhere, Not Just Around Us
by Rudy Huezo (Flash), Isabelle Ye (Javascript)

Orbits around a Schwarzschild black hole
by Raihana Yarzada
Ages of Stars and the HR Diagram
by Melissa Loomis
Elements Produced by Stars
by Brandon Stewart, Margareta Borcic, Peter Lai, and Omar Peralta
How We Know Objects Are Compact: The Variability Argument
by Alejandro Angulo, Taylor Goolsby, and Rudy Huezo
Special Relativity Graph Paper
by David Wittman
The Power of Compact Objects
by Evan Angelico and Stella Sun
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